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Rumor Confirmed: In-N-Out Burger is Headed to South Lamar

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The cultishly loved California chain will soon have four Austin-area locations.

In-N-Out Burger Austin
In-N-Out Burger Austin
Meghan McCarron/EATX

Austinites either love or love to hate on California chain In-N-Out Burger: for every person touting superior alternatives, someone else is getting their Double-Double animal style. Now, the long-rumored fourth location on South Lamar has been confirmed by Community Impact. A representative for the company tells Eater they can't give an opening date until construction begins. The company has previously said that once construction starts, locations tend to open within four to five months.

In-N-Out Burger first hit Austin in late 2013 with a store at Airport Boulevard and 1-35 as well as a location in Round Rock. Their Cedar Park location followed soon after. The South Lamar In-N-Out will open at 3701 S. Lamar, previously home to a Wendy's.

In-N-Out Burger

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