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Cat Cafe Dreamer is Pedicabbing To Raise Money For Her Kickstarter

There's only 29 days to go to raise $60,000 for Austin's first cat cafe.

Rebecca Gray of Blue Cat Cafe
Rebecca Gray of Blue Cat Cafe
Blue Cat Cafe/Facebook

It's only March, and 2015 has already found its peak Austin moment. Rebecca Gray is raising money and awareness for her Blue Cat Cafe Kickstarter by pedicabbing during SXSW. In a Facebook posting she says, "Why not donate so I can rest?"

Gray is looking to raise $60,000 to help fund an all-vegan adoptable cat cafe with several local food trucks. In addition to her pedicab, Gray has thrown several kitten parties around town. Cat cafes are a booming trend across North America, and Blue Cat Cafe would be Austin's first.