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Help The Tigress Find Its Beloved Stolen Tiger Clock

The clock disappeared from North Loop cocktail bar The Tigress on Saturday night.

The Tigress's tiger clock
The Tigress's tiger clock
The Tigress/Facebook

Look, it's understandable: a couple cocktails into the night, and suddenly a badass clock shaped like a tiger is impossible to resist. But The Tigress's beloved clock was a gift from a dear friend to the bar's owner Pam Pritchard, and she would like it back:

Sadness tonight at the Tigress

Someone has stolen the tiger clock that sat on the cabinet in the back near the women's room next to the framed Statesman article about the bar.

I can hardly believe someone would do such a thing. The tiger clock was a gift from a dear friend and sat undisturbed for 4 years until tonight. If you know who did this, please bring my tiger back. Thank you

Please bring Pam's tiger back.

(h/t Reddit)

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