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Classic West Campus Restaurant Fino to Close at The End of March

Owners Emmett and Lisa Fox will focus on their new Lamar Union restaurant Cantine.


After ten years, the second restaurant from Asti owners Lisa and Emmett Fox will shutter. Fino's Mediterrean-inspired small plates and paellas will stick around until "the end of March" according to co-owner Lisa Fox. As for the reason for the shutter, Fox says their lease is up. Her husband Emmett Fox tells The Chronicle, "The 'hidden gem' people referred to just didn't do enough volume to be really profitable."

The restauranteurs will now focus their efforts on new restaurant Cantineslated to open in the Lamar Union this year. Lisa Fox had originally described Cantine as a mix of Fino and Asti, and previously told Eater the amount of foot traffic in the complex was a major draw. Fino has had an outsized impact on Austin's bar culture, serving as a training ground for a number of talented industry professionals, including previous bar managers Josh Loving, who's now at work on his own bar Small Victory, and Francisco Terrazas, who now manages Houston's lauded The Pastry War.

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