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Seafood Heaven Garbo's Restaurant Will Add a Wine Bar Next Door

The food truck's new Wells Branch restaurant is already expanding.

Garbo's Restaurant
Garbo's Restaurant
Joe C./Yelp

Lobster roll master Heidi Garbo's newly opened restaurant in Wells Branch is off to a running start. Garbo's Restaurant's staff has expanded to include sommelier Alex Ramirez, previously of Vino Vino and Fino, and executive chef Will Foden, who won a "Best of Boston" award from Boston Magazine. In an email, Garbo says her team will be working to "expand the menu" and bring in fresh Maine oysters.

Garbo also hopes to open a wine bar next door to the restaurant as soon as this summer. The bar will be used both for overflow diners and folks waiting for a table, and Garbo hopes to host private dinners in the space.


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