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New Cocktail Bar Will Launch Innovative Royalty Program on Congress

Live music venue The Townsend will pay royalties for signature creations by top bartenders.

The Townsend Building
The Townsend Building
Meghan McCarron/EATX

A new cocktail bar and live music venue will liven up a sleepy part of Congress Avenue. The Townsend, named for the historic building it will occupy at 718 Congress downtown, will launch during SXSW according to The Austin Business Journal.

A rep for the bar tells Eater that Qui's Justin Elliott designed the cocktail program, which will focus on "playful" takes on classic drinks like a signature Pimm's Cup. Additionally, the bar will offer cocktails created by guest bartenders, who will receive a royalty for every drink sold. Wine, local beer, and cheese and charcuterie boards will also be available.

Live music will be a major feature, with a space designed by acoustician Scott Samson and a performance program directed by former Go-Go's member Kathy Valentine. Several shows are planned for SXSW, and a grand opening party will be held in April. The bar will offer a happy hour from 4 - 6 p.m. as well.