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Iconic Horseshoe Lounge to Reopen on East Riverside This Summer

The staff, sign, and shuffleboard table will all be moving to 153 E. Riverside.

Horseshoe Lounge
Horseshoe Lounge
Horseshoe Lounge/Facebook

One of Austin's oldest beer bars, The Horseshoe Lounge will celebrate two milestones this weekend: fifty years on South Lamar, and their last. The bar's under-wraps new location has finally be revealed: 153 E. Riverside, as first reported by 365 Things Austin and confirmed by Horseshoe owner Tennia Brown. A 60's era office will be transformed into the new 'Shoe, and Brown says the shape of the building already strongly reminds her of the original space.

Brown tells Eater that after fifty years on Lamar, she and her husband opted to take on several partners after considering numerous offers for partnership or even outright buy-outs. Besides the new location, the biggest change on the docket is a liquor license, though Brown says The Horseshoe Lounge will not be mixing up cocktails. "It's a Texas dive bar: whiskey, bourbon, and tequila." There will also be greatly expanded parking, a live music stage, and potentially even a balcony to take advantage of the downtown views.

Eater also spoke with primary partner Gary Dellacroce, who says his goal is to keep the Horseshoe Lounge as close to the original as possible. Both he and Brown say they negotiated with the current landlord for months, but couldn't find a workable deal before deciding to move to a new space. That said, Brown says she's excited about the new location, and Dellacroce is optimistic about the East Riverside corridor's potential. Both are inspired by the recent ownership changes at Deep Eddy Cabaret, which introduced a liquor license without disrupting the bar's no-frills personality.

Since announcing their move in late December, Brown says business has been booming and jokes, "We should have closed way sooner." Longtime musician regulars have been popping up to play impromptu shows, and this weekend's three day party will feature "surprises." The new Horseshoe Lounge is slated to reopen sometime this summer, though there's a great deal of renovation to be done in the former office space. Brown intends to move as much of the old space into the new as possible and rehire her current staff.

The Horseshoe Lounge

2034 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704 (512) 442-9111