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Searsucker Employee Arrested After Allegedly Trashing The Restaurant

According to an affidavit, an employee broke furniture and threw a chair at the window.

Spencer Selvidge/EATX

An employee at Searsucker allegedly broke into the restaurant and smashed furniture early Sunday morning, according to The Statesman. Tyler Hooke had been asked to leave the restaurant earlier that night, and was charged with criminal mischief when the police arrived. More details from The Statesman:

When officers arrived, they saw a man inside the building throwing chairs, an affidavit said. Officers said they also saw him pick up a chair and break the front window of the restaurant when he saw them. . . .

Police said they believe Hooke entered the restaurant when the cleaning crews arrived around 5 a.m. on Sunday. He started breaking multiple windows and pieces of furniture, causing damage estimated to be worth more than $20,000, the affidavit said.

Update! The Searsucker team provided the following statement:

Searsucker experienced an unfortunate act of vandalism to the restaurant Saturday, Feb 7, after closing. The situation is being handled internally and the restaurant is  open for business as usual.

Searsucker [Closed]

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