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The Most Bizarre Search Terms That Brought Readers Here

What inquiring minds wanted to know.

"a man polishing his knife"
"a man polishing his knife"
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

For Eater Austin's final post of the year, here are some of the stranger search terms that brought readers to this site. Intentionally left out were the more rated R searches where they just ended up with food news and dining guides, Keep in mind the entire list is [sic].

  • 15 person bicycle
  • 2015 serious sugarmama with contacts
  • a man polishing his knife
  • an image of a red horn
  • aroma porn
  • austin boiling
  • austin texas hipster chefs
  • best bodybuilding restaurants austin
  • best picks for friends
  • best nothing restaurants in austin
  • burger bouncer
  • cat photos
  • dad's secret seasoning
  • do chefs get any credit
  • eater hipster bar checklist
  • elijah wood and flooding in austin
  • free pot brownies
  • get high on indian food on 7th street austin texas
  • hawaii reset drink
  • hello kitty beer ethics
  • hipstirs apple bees
  • how have they kept up with the times?
  • how to make spam fine dining
  • legos for meat
  • pls i nerd a best nap this week 30 2015
  • provatic patties
  • quotes for goal to be a chef
  • rules of dating a chef
  • sexy irish chef
  • show what the rabbit looked like in alice in wonderland
  • sleek vegetable
  • spongebob in the hoods
  • unicorn fighting a bear pizza
  • victorian dining room picture of ladies and gents eating at tables in fancy restaurant
  • what is a rum in terms of heaven
  • what kind of last name is cirkiel
  • what's in ramen noodle soup that makes it so freaken hard
  • when his tummy growls
  • why work at uchi?
  • yahoo news - john lewis - sexiest pitmaster