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Eater Austin's Top Posts of 2015

The most popular stories of the past twelve months.

Franklin Barbecue
Franklin Barbecue
Raymond Thompson/EATX
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

2015 comes to a close this week, so here’s a look back at the most-read stories of the past year. It's no surprise that barbecue is all over the list. There was Franklin Barbecue’s line ban, the proposed smoke regulations that would’ve changed the barbecue scene forever, and the line-waiting kid entrepreneur. Then there are guides to breakfast tacos, food trucks, and classic and underrated restaurants, plus more. Chime in on your favorite piece in the comments below.


25 Classic Restaurants Every Austinite Must Try

[Photo: <A href="">Top Notch/Facebook</a>]

Despite all of the shutters and openings, it’s soothing to see that Austin still retains its charm with this guide to the city's time-honored restaurants, from Night Hawk to Matt’s El Rancho.

Image credit: Top Notch/Facebook


Franklin Barbecue Bans All Line Holders

Franklin Barbecue line

One of the biggest barbecue story of the year happened when Franklin Barbecue banned all professional line holders as to keep the integrity and community of the epic line in tact. This included the boy genius sensation behind BBQ Fast Pass and Favor.


Barbecue Master Aaron Franklin Slams Proposed City Smoke Limits

Franklin Barbecue Raymond Thompson/EATX

Do you remember the awful time when barbecue was actually in danger of drastically changing? Back in spring, a city council member proposed a code change that would have greatly limited barbecue smoke in residential areas. Aaron Franklin told Eater if it went through, "It would destroy Austin barbecue." Thankfully, it didn’t.

Image credit: Robert J. Lerma/EATX


Meet the 13-Year-Old Who Outsmarted the Franklin Barbecue Line

13-year-old entrepreneur Desmond Roldan made the headlines when he decided to get into the line business at Franklin Barbecue, just so he could raise money for a car and donate to Austin Dog Rescue. Though, now, because of the line holder ban, he widened his net to include any Austin business with lines, like La Barbecue.

Image credit: Nadia Chaudhury/EATX


Austin Man Takes Credit For 'Exclusively For White People' Stickers

[Photo: <a href="">Brianna Smith/Facebook</a>]

A man took responsibility for placing stickers claiming that East Austin restaurants were "Exclusively for White People" during March, including Sugar Mama’s and El Chile. He said it was his critique of the area’s gentrification.

Image credit: Brianna Smith/Facebook


Franklin Barbecue Bans Single Line Waiters for Groups

Before Franklin Barbecue banned all professional line holders, the barbecue joint tried to calm things down by prohibiting all individuals waiting for groups.

Image credit: Franklin BBQ Line/Twitter


Austin's 20 Most Underrated Restaurants, 2015

Freedmen’s Spencer Selvidge/EATX

Everyone loves hidden gems, especially when the list includes Freedmen’s Bar, Texas French Bread, and Enoteca Vespaio.

Image credit: Spencer Selvidge/EATX


17 Essential Food Trucks in Austin

Micklethwait 1 Robert Strickland/E

Food trucks are plentiful in Austin, and this map highlights the most important meals on wheels everyone should try, from barbecue, tacos, to even sushi.

Image credit: Robert Strickland/EN


The Most Anticipated New Austin Restaurants, Fall 2015

Fall was a heavy restaurant opening season for Austin. There was the long anticipated Wu Chow from the Swift’s Attic Team, Blue Cat Cafe’s Kickstarter-backed launch, Emmer & Rye’s focused farm and ranch to table menu, Shawn Cirkiel’s latest project Bullfight, and many others.

Image credit: Parkside Projects/Official


20 Essential Austin Breakfast Tacos

Everyone has opinions on the city’s best morning/brunch/hangover meal, and Eater mapped out the city’s best breakfast tacos, with help from readers, of course.

Image credit: Bill Addison/EN

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