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Chronicle Uncovers California Brunch at Cafe No Se

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No review from Statesman this week.

Cafe No Se
Cafe No Se
Nick Simonite

Brunch is the word at Cafe No Se for the Chronicle’s Brandon Watson, the first restaurant from South Congress Hotel. It is with the weekend meal where executive Michael Paley reinforces strong simple approaches with West Coast airs to the dishes. This is best seen with the egg section:

For purists, there is poached egg on the menu, oozing on bok choy and purple hull peas ($13), but it's not the only egg trick. There's a soft-boiled egg on avocado toast ($11) with a little pickled carrot and crème fraîche, a simple scramble with arugula and bread ($13), and a crackling fried egg with tumbled speck and romesco ($14).

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Cafe No Sé

1603 South Congress, Austin, TX 78704 (512) 942-2061

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