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Rebel Pizza Bar is Very Inconsistent to Chronicle

Odam checks out Bullfight.

Rebel Pizza Bar
Rebel Pizza Bar
Robert J. Lerma
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

The Chronicle’s pizza-obsessed Brandon Watson was met with highly inconsistent fare at Rebel Pizza Bar. When the kitchen had its act together, he discovered good pizza pies and excellent higher-end takes on comfort food like the giant meatballs. Otherwise, dishes that in theory sounded delicious turned out to be wildly different every time he placed an order:

[...] the Queenie (their version of the margherita – $11-15) and the Contender (their meat lover's with sausage, pancetta, pepperoni, and prosciutto – $15-21) were both basic. That evening, they were not able to duplicate crust texture off three pies presumably fired in close proximity. One had the nice crisp from the first visit, another had an agreeable chew, and the third was somewhere between a marshmallow and the pillow you never replaced through undergrad. Confounding.

For Matthew Odam at Statesman, Bullfight excels at creating untraditional Spanish fare. Aside from problematic service lags, it was those inventive dishes that stood out to him, like the:

Mediterranean-hopping miniature lamb burger spiced and cooled with harissa yogurt ($7), and canoe-shaped toasts topped with lump crab and piquillo peppers zipped with lemon aioli ($12) and a sumptuous and soothing spread of shallot butter and urchin roe ($9).

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Bullfight [Closed]

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