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Philip Speer Opens Up About His Life After DWI

“There’s no more ego-driven Philip.”

Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

Philip Speer, the former director of operations of Uchi Restaurant Group, spoke to ChefsFeed about life after his DWI crash and charge almost exactly a year ago. The confession was filmed as part of the chefs-only recommendation site’s Elevated series, where chefs share their personal experiences.

"I think I’m pretty much a piece of shit," he candidly says in the video, "I’m not real excited about where I am in my life." Drinking and drugs became the standard for Speer, as part of the alluring chef nightlife, and it soon got out of hand. He owned up to his four DWIs and took responsibility of his previous actions. Last year's accident "was effectively sort of the end of all of that" of his partying.

While filming, Speer prepared what appears to be the roasted cauliflower taco at Fork & Taco, where fellow Uchi veteran Casey Fannin is head of the kitchen. At home, he cooked (and plated) a shrimp dish for himself, and ended the video with a meal at St. Philip, the Uchi concept that Speer helmed last year. Now he’s focusing on bettering himself. Speer said, "There’s no more ego-driven Philip."

After Speer’s car crash and gas leak in 2014, he was charged with his fourth DWI. He resigned as director of operations of Uchi Restaurant Group, citing he wanted to focus on "my health, my sobriety, and my relationship with my family." Currently, he is under seven years probation as part of his sentence.

St. Philip

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