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Blue Cat Cafe Teases Opening Details

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Release the cats!

Blue Cat Cafe
Blue Cat Cafe
Blue Cat Cafe/Facebook

While Blue Cat Cafe, a haven for people who adore cats, pushed back its opening to Saturday, October 17, today marks their soft opening. As the date gets closer, the cafe is dangling out tidbits of information like, say, a feather on a string for us to grab. Started by Rebecca Gray, Blue Cat will be a place to eat, drink, and socialize with fellow humans while playing with the adoptable kitties.

Yesterday, Gray offered free food and play sessions with the cats to the first fifty people who arrived at the space. So far, it looks like the vegan trailer will be serving nachos, light sandwiches, and Frito pie. Today, she's introducing some of the feline residents, including the shy-looking Early Grey. She also posted a video of the adorable cats being released somewhat cautiously into their new home. Keep an eye on its social media for more enticing tidbits and potential invitations to test out the space.

Releasing the first round of @atxhumanesociety #cats @thebluecatcafe_austin ! We open October 16! #catsofinstagram #atx #catcafe

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— Claire Canavan

Blue Cat Cafe

95 Navasota Street, , TX 78702 (512) 766-5003 Visit Website