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Austin Food And Wine Festival Shakes Up Ticket Prices For 2015

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Festival passes still clock in at $250, but the pricing structure for additional events has changed dramatically.

Austin Food and Wine Festival 2014
Austin Food and Wine Festival 2014
Beth Thornton/EATX

The Austin Food and Wine Festival has always been a relatively high dollar event for a budget-conscious dining city, and for 2015 they've further adjusted their pricing structure, as reported by The Statesman. The two biggest changes are a massive price drop from $850 to $550 for the "all-inclusive" pass, as well as an opportunity for non-passholders to purchase tickets to the blowout nighttime events. Tickets for all events go on sale January 21 at 10 a.m.

Here's a breakdown of all of the major changes (and lack thereof), based on the festival's website and last year's ticket prices:

  • The basic festival pass, re-christened "The Weekender," remains $250.
  • The fancy pants pass, now known as the "All-In" drops from $850 to $550.
  • The All-In pass includes access to Taste of Texas, Rock Your Taco, and Sips and Sweets in the evenings. Purchased a la carte with a Weekender pass, all those events would cost $675
  • Previously, the premium passholders were able to enter the grand tasting tent early and received "priority access" to events; there is no mention of this on the 2015 ticketing website
  • One big change: the website suggests only "All-In" passholders will be able to attend Tim Love's hyper-popular hands-on grilling demo
  • Now that the evening dining events can be purchased without a festival pass, prices for each are more expensive:
      • Feast Under The Stars has gone from $185 to $250
      • Taste of Texas is still $150, but the Sips and Sweets "nightcap" is now no longer included and costs an additional $75
      • The Rock Your Taco competition is now $200, up from $150
  • Feast Under The Stars, Taste of Texas, and Rock Your Taco's locations are all listed as "Auditorium Shores." Update! A rep for the festival says Rock Your Taco and Taste of Texas will be held at Republic Square Park.

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