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Accomplished Austrian Chef Gears Up to Open Prelog's in Former Garrido's Space

The restaurant has an enthusiastic and friendly website, and they're now hiring.

The exterior of Prelog's
The exterior of Prelog's
Meghan McCarron/EATX

One of 2015's most intriguing and under-the-radar restaurant openings has quietly been making progress in the Austin 360 tower. Austrian chef Florian Prelog, whose cooking at Cafe Sacher in Innsbruck merited a New York Times mention, will open a French-focused European restaurant called Prelog's in the former Garrido's space in early 2015. It's been seven months since The Chronicle first reported the new project, and according to Prelog's website, the restaurant is gearing up to open, which includes recruitng local artists to "help us fill empty & dull walls with their Inspiration."

According to Florian Prelog's blog, Prelog's will focus on chef and diner interaction and "offer impeccable service in a casual setting" with a '"centre stage" kitchen." They're currently hiring managers, and will hire their full staff in February 2015. For those missing Garrido's, chef David Garrido's next project is slated for the Lamar Union complex later this year.