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Crazy Cat People, Here's How to Fund Austin's First Cat Cafe

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There will obviously be a vegan food trailer parked out front, too.

Meow Parlour in New York
Meow Parlour in New York
Marguerite Preston

Austin is set to get its very own cat cafe, if the Blue Cat Cafe has anything to say about it. Helmed by Rebecca Gray, the "cafe + kitty house" will be a place for people to relax, drink coffee, and play with adoptable felines. The goal is to open the cafe sometime this year, along with plans for pop-up cat cafes in the works until then. There's also plans for a vegan truck outside.

For now, donations are being accepted online, and the group will will launch a Kickstarter campaign next month. If the cafe doesn’t open this year, they promise to return all donations. The location is still being determined.

Last year, trendy kitty cafes are popping up all over the country, including Oakland’s Cat Town Cafe, New York’s Meow Parlour, Florida’s Planet Tails, and Denver’s Denver Cat Company.

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