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The Chronicle Finds the Midwestern Details at Native Family

Odam from the Statesman didn’t file a review today.

Firehouse Hostel and Lounge, where Native Family is located.
Firehouse Hostel and Lounge, where Native Family is located.
Firehouse Hostel and Lounge/Facebook
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

The Chronicle’s Brandon Watson headed over to the Firehouse Lounge to check out fare from the Native Family Co. Though the cuisine wasn’t the typical Midwestern food he expected, he was impressed with the touches he did find. The dark confines of the bar, however, doesn't fit the the vibe of their food. Watson said of the dishes:

The Cubicano ($11), their take on the Cuban sandwich, uses all the classic components but with ballpark Bertman's mustard and "Detroit Pickles" – both showcasing an agility with pork. The cheese and charcuterie boards ($23 big, $15 small) use salami from Iowa (La Quercia) and cured sausage from Indiana (Smoking Goose). The clothbound cheese is from Vermont, but it's heartland Cheddar. Sardines on toast ($7) relies on the classic Italian pairing of tomato, but here it is served as a zesty compote.

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