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Blue Moon®: White IPA Hunt

Did you know the Blue Moon® founder and head brewmaster Keith Villa has his doctorate in brewing from the University of Brussels? With a 20-year history with roots in Belgium, it was only right to make an IPA with a Blue Moon Brewing Co.® twist – a Blue Moon® White IPA. One with beautiful hop aroma and flavor, but also brewed with wheat, orange peel and coriander to make it unmistakably Blue Moon®.

The Blue Moon® brewmasters searched far and wide to find the perfect hops and ingredients for this beer. Now, months before the official nationwide release of White IPA, Eater and Blue Moon® Brewing Company are challenging fans in Austin to go on an enjoyable search of their own to find and try the very first sips of Blue Moon® White IPA available anywhere in the U.S.

On January 29, Blue Moon® invites you to decode the GPS coordinates listed below to discover an exclusive launch party. Attendees will not only get to try the beer, but also, the first 20 verified participants will receive a custom etched growler, and an invite to an exclusive beer dinner with one of the brewmasters. Good luck!

30.172035, -97.825846

WHEN: January 29, 2015 from 7-9pm

Res of CA/IL/NY/TN/TX, 21+ only. While supplies last. Subject to terms @ Void where prohibited.