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Video Released of Severe Assault at Austin’s Kung Fu Saloon

After the attack, the victim was placed in the Intensive Care Unit and is currently recovering in California.

Courtesy of KXAN
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

KXAN obtained a video of the brutal attack of patron Joey O’Hare by a bartender at Austin’s Kung Fu Saloon last November. In the surveillance footage gathered by O’Hare’s attorneys yesterday, bartender Robert Camillone can be seen grabbing the victim from behind inside the bar. Then Camillone took him outside the entrance and dropped him facedown to the ground. O’Hare suffered intense injuries and required brain surgery. Camillone was charged with aggravated assault and the family filed a civil suit as well. A friend of O’Hare explained to KXAN what she thought happened:

"We bumped into that bartender by accident," said a woman named Adriana who can be seen in the surveillance video as one of three women helping O’Hare off the ground and away from the bar. She said Camillone was aggravated by the bump, but tensions escalated when another friend in their group named Ivan, the same friend she said bumped the bartender, was cut off and asked to leave.

Kung Fu Saloon’s attorney, Jason McMinn, told KXAN that the five-minute video of the 40+ hours of footage available doesn’t show everything that happened:

"The short clip of the video that has been shown does not tell the whole story. We have hours of video."

Kung Fu Saloon might lose its liquor license because of this as well as other past incidences which include four TABC violations. The bar was also accused of implementing a racist dress code.

Kung Fu Saloon

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