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Ranch-Direct Gourmet Burger Restaurant Stampedes Into Round Rock

Svante's currently operates a burger truck and beef delivery service.

Svante's Stuffed Burger Truck
Svante's Stuffed Burger Truck

Could stuffed burgers help preserve Texas's ranching heritage? That's the bet made by grass-fed beef delivery service Svante's Ranch Direct, who also operate the Svante's Stuffed Burgers truck roving Austin. Next up is a restaurant in Round Rock, which is currently hiring, at 201 E. Main Street.

Co-owner Christopher Swenson tells Eater the restaurant will focus on "gourmet burgers," but will serve an expanded menu of steaks from their ranch, as well as Swedish-inspired dishes. Their great-great-grandfather Svante Magnus Swenson purchased the land their ranch still sits on today and was instrumental to the early Swedish community in Texas. An adjacent store will continue their retail business; Svante's Ranch Direct currently sells their frozen beef at farmers' market and via delivery.