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Committed Carnivores Salt & Time Create a 'Cricket Studded Mortadella'

Austin-based Little Herds collaborated with the butcher shop to get a new kind of protein on the menu.

Salt & Time
Salt & Time
Robert J. Lerma/EATX

A sustainable and novel protein, bugs are unsurprisingly popping up on Austin menus as specials and stunts. One driving force is local company Little Herds, who are spearheading the edible insect movement. The newest development? Local butcher and charcuterie makers Salt & Time used Little Herds' bugs to create a cricket mortadella. Update! The protein mash-up will be on the restaurant's Odd Bits menu starting tomorrow.

There are bugs in this Mortadella, and we put them there! @littleherds Cricket Studded Mortadella, coming soon!

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Salt & Time

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