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Odam Pans Brian Malarkey's 'Tourist' Import Searsucker

Photo: Spencer Selvidge/EATX

Statesman critic Matthew Odam visits Searsucker, a branch of TV chef Brian Malarkey's "fabric of social dining" concepts. The critic finds faulty dishes, strange decor, and lots and lots of tourists at the year-old restaurant. On the service:

The staff is obviously accustomed to dealing with tourists, and when we asked what was unique about the Searsucker Angel's Envy bourbon used in the New Fashioned cocktail ($12), we were told it was a special blend found "only right here, in Austin, Texas." The last qualifier was spoken with the excitable and condescending tone reserved for tourists from Fly-Over Country. What made the bourbon special? He didn't exactly know.

The Chronicle did not file any reviews this week. Here's what's going on in THE BLOGS: Forks Up takes a first look at Dai Due, Vegan Lazy Smurf recommends The Dojo, and Burger Mary recaps a Kansas City barbecue trip.
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