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The Very Early Word on New Uchi Project St. Philip

The new pizzeria and bake shop from the Uchi team doesn't officially open until Thursday, but that hasn't stopped Yelpers.

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St. Philip/Facebook

Hotly anticipated new Sunset Valley bake shop and pizzeria St. Philip is running a series of soft openings this week, and it sounds like a few early diners were able to walk right in. Despite the fact the restaurant doesn't open until Thursday, St. Philip already has six Yelp reviews. Most folks just sampled goods from the bake shop, but a few were able to drop in for lunch as well. A few takeaways:

  • Yelper Deji M. on the, uh, ambiance: "I noticed the lighting: large windows and open spaces with plenty of natural light coming in is a total win. I'll be able to look outside at the people not eating what I'm eating and feel sorry for them."
  • Yelper Darla A. on the booze situation: " they have a bar that serves 21 beers on tap, a cold brew coffee, a root beer and 5 wines on tap. Of the wines on tap, two of them are Duchman (the Vermentino and the Montepulciano). They also have a house white and red on tap as well as a Blackbird Arrivista Rosé from Napa."
  • Tim Y. on the cooking situation: "I ordered a bunch of stuff... the popcorn cookie, the snickerdoodle, the donut and the muffins.  The best was hands down the popcorn cookie, which was pretty much a win all around.  It was just soft enough in the middle and had a great buttery, sugary, little bit salty flavor.  You really couldnt go wrong. The Snickerdoodle was a great snickerdoodle... but when you put it up against the popcorn cookie, it's an unfair fight."
  • Yelper Mike S. would rather eat on the cheap at a chain, please: "Most of the bakery items cost twice as much as they do at Stouthaus (right next door) or at La Madeline (just on the other side of the Burger Center stadium). There is no reason to pay double for the same items. $4 for a tiny scone. $4 for a small cookie."
  • Chowhounder C. Pencis also managed to check out lunch: "I sat at the bar and shared a great conversation with the bar staff. We talked over a couple of the beer cocktails they're working on. I had a nice 12" sausage pizza with a fine crust. I look forward to going back often."

St. Philip
4715 S. Lamar
Sunset Valley, Tx

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