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The Hey-Ha Truck: Chicago Siblings to Launch Central Thai Cuisine in Austin Next Year

Brother and sister Fred and Jenn Noinaj grew up in their parents' Chicago Thai restaurant, and they will Kickstart the Hey-Ha Truck this fall with a goal of opening in February. Fred Noinaj boasts an impressive fine dining resume, and most recently cooked at Avec.

Jenn and Fred Noinaj
Jenn and Fred Noinaj

A brother/sister team with a background in both fine dining and Thai cuisine will open a new food truck early next year. The Hey-Ha Truck is the creation of Fred and Jenn Noinaj, who grew up in their parents' Thai restaurant in Chicago. Fred Noinaj has worked at some of Chicago's best restaurants, most recently at lauded The Violet Hour and Avec. Hey-Ha translates roughly from Thai as "party time."

According to a press release, the truck will focus on the food of Central Thailand with "an Austin-driven eccentricity." After testing out their new Hey-Ha truck in Chicago, the siblings moved to Austin for its friendlier food truck scene. They will Kickstart the Hey-Ha Truck this fall, with plans to open officially in late February next year. A sample menu on their website includes vegetables topped with chili jam and fermented Issan-style sausage.