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Red Star Southern Offers Free, Unsolicited Life Coaching to All Yelp Reviewers

The tongue-in-cheek Southern comfort trailer unleashes mascot Ol' Shitter Jim to dispense advice on fishing reels, sneaking moonshine, and raccoon trappin'.

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Ol' Shitter Jim
Ol' Shitter Jim
Meghan McCarron/EATX

Business owners usually take to Yelp to offer apologies, or to unleash blistering, ill-advised rants. To switch things up, food trailer Red Star Southern uses Yelp to offer free samples of their life coaching services. Trailer mascot/alter ego Ol' Shitter Jim dutifully replies to every Yelp review with completely unsolicited and unrelated advice about the nuts and bolts of Southern living. For example, Yelper Abraham I. praised Red Star's fried chicken, which prompted this advice on deer hunting/moonshining:

Well son, what you're gonna wanna do here is first off get some camouflage or else the deer will spot you and run away. After you've followed the tracks for a while to see which direction it is going, check the map to see which direction it will take you. If it takes you north, you're more than likely going to run into the ol' stump in front of dog tick lake. Pappy used to keep a bottle of white lightening in that there stump. Sometimes I'd go sneak some and when I would get back home mama would smell it on my breath and run me off with a broom. I'd run so fast I thought my legs would surely break off. Hope that helps!

The trailer has nothing but five star reviews thusfar, making this an especially gentle and ridiculous form of trolling. Ol' Shitter Jim also offers (mostly) different advice on the trailer's website.