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The Early Word on Jacoby's Restaurant And Mercantile

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A slice of small town Texas opened on East Cesar Chavez late last month. Jacoby's Restaurant and Mercantile serves beef from owner Adam Jacoby's family ranch in Melvin, as well as recipes inspired by his family's small town restaurant. Jacoby's partner Kris Swift designed a striking, rustic space, complete with a backyard overlooking the Colorado River. Read on for the early word from bloggers and reviewers.

THE STEAK NEWS — Jacoby's serves beef from their family ranch, as well as several other entrees. Several folks on Yelp cite the steaks as "delicious" and "lovely." The chicken fried & hamburger steak also gets high marks. But Chowhounder slowcooked found his steak disappointing: " literally 50% fat chunks, and though it was medium rare / rare like I prefer, it looked to be just barely pan seared with low caramelization, not grilled (which isn't necessarily needed), and had no crust to speak of." Fellow Chowhound commenter girloftheworld urged him to "get the porkchop" next time.

THE SIDES NEWS — The mac n' cheese appears to be a certified hit.

THE BEVERAGE NEWS — Cocktail program favorites include The Melvin Mule, of which Hungry Girl Austin says, "this little guy packs so much punch and flavor that you'll want to drink this all night." The West Texas Shandy is also "surprisingly delicious," according to Yelper Kassi L.

THE WAIT NEWSSeveral Yelpers cite Jacoby's as a good alternative to Justine's famously long waits. On the other hand, Yelper Julia B. says a promise of "a couple minutes wait" turned into an hour.

THE SERVICE NEWS — Reviews on the service are mixed thusfar. Yelper Wendy S. praises, "Katy, our lovely, kind, patient server saved the stars." On an earlier visit, Chowhounder slowcooked notes his server seemed a bit "stoned," but the management was responsive to missteps and comped his meal.

THE LARGE PARTY NEWSTwo different Yelpers had issues making reservations for large parties. Both say Jacoby's required that for a reservation for 9-10, the tab had to be a minimum of $750. Yelper Marshall H. says, "Honestly, for $200 a couple, I'd rather go to Uchi any day of the week."

Update! Jacoby's reaches out to say, "Jacoby's has a chefs table that holds 10 ppl seated twice a night without minimum."

THE AMBIANCE NEWS — The atmosphere garners near-unanimous praise from the various first-lookers. The interior's rustic charm and the backyard views of the Colorado impress. Yelper Heather F. is especially impressed by the outdoor space: "And on the deck Jacboy's has placed tables and chairs, picnic benches with flickering candles and blue glass mason jars perfect for sipping a beverage on a hot summer day. There is green space that extends off the patio where you can get closer views of the water. In terms of space there are more tables outside than inside so if you are seeking out a good outdoor spot for dinner this would be it."
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Jacoby's Restaurant and Mercantile

3235 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702