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Reviews of Terry Black's Barbecue, Dang Banh Mi, More

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Terry Black's Barbecue.
Terry Black's Barbecue.
Photo: Robert J. Lerma/EATX

Matthew Odam reviews Terry Black's Barbecue for The Statesman this week, where he suspects the young fourth-generation pitmasters need more time to grow. Uneven meats and "cafeteria sides" earn the restaurant a 5 out of 10. On the Black's Barbecue comparison:

Barbecue is a tough business, especially when you're cranking out enough food to stay open until 9 p.m. daily. It takes years to hone your methods and master quality control. To answer a question I've been asked by many: After a couple of visits, I wouldn't put Terry Black's Barbecue in the same league as the restaurant in Lockhart.

The Chronicle's Melanie Haupt has a similarly disappointing experience at Dang Banh Mi. The new project from the Plucker's team touts the authenticity of their recipes, but the results don't measure up:

The Dang Original ($6.50), which hews most closely to an authentic bánh mì thit nguoi boasts "fifteen fresh ingredients" including three preparations of pork (char siu pork belly, steamed pork tenderloin, and ground pork) on top of house-made pâté. Unremarkable and inoffensive, the sandwich is not bad, but lacks the bright flavors of a similar sandwich from Baguette House (3.8 miles away at 10901 N. Lamar) or Tam Deli and Cafe (2.4 miles away at 8222 N. Lamar).
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Terry Black's Barbecue

1003 Barton Springs Rd Austin, TX 78704