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Barbecue Fusion Curly's Carolina, TX To Close Sunday

Photo: Curly's Carolina/Facebook

A restaurant founded by two barbecue truck veterans is calling it quits. Curly's Carolina, TX, which offered both Texas and Carolina-style barbecue, will close after service this Sunday. A long and heartfelt Facebook posting announced the shutter:

It is with great sadness and tremendous heartache that I have to announce this, but Curly's Carolina Tx BBQ is closing. This Sunday will be our last day to be open. This breaks my heart to have to do this , but we have been left with no other choices. We gave it a great run from the trailer to a brick and mortar building, and for that I am truly thankful for the opportunity that I was given. As I write this , my eyes are full of tears.
The restaurant opened in downtown Round Rock last November.
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Curly's Carolina, TX

112 E. Main Street Round Rock, TX 78664