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Backyard Party Moontower Saloon Plans Huge Expansion


Way South Austin mega-hit Moontower Saloon already stretches over a staggering 11 acres, and now they have a major expansion in the works. The complex includes multiple bars, food trucks, patios and volleyball courts, and the owners tell Eater they have a separate dance hall and a "bike / coffee / bar" establishment in the works next door. No, the new project will not include the swim-up bar posted to Facebook, but Moontower does say they're looking into "a water feature."

Moontower Saloon opened in 2012 as a three-acre bar and food truck complex in a former ranch house on Manchaca south of Slaughter. The complex's alcohol sales regularly rank in amongst the highest in Austin, even more remarkable for a business far outside the downtown entertainment districts. Moontower also has a line of Awesome, Texas swag in the works, because what is a giant adult party backyard without teeshirts?
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Moontower Saloon

10212 Manchaca Road, Austin, TX