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Odam Visits Little Barrel & Brown; Wood on Terry Black's

Statesman critic Matthew Odam visits South Congress newcomer Little Barrel & Brown this week, where he encounters inconsistent dishes and lots of noise. On the travails of "Mutt Man:"

Little Barrel and Brown was only about 25 percent full, but the noise of a dozen happy hour revelers flooded the space. Newly arrived diners at the handsome button-leather banquettes perched beneath filament light fixtures added to the cacophonous chorus. The couple next to me debated their orders. I heard every voice. I picked up every detail. Every laugh. Every clink of flatware on a dish. It was like I was a superhero blessed (cursed?) with the hearing of a dog.

For The Chronicle, Virginia Wood visits Terry Black's Barbecue on Barton Springs, where she finds meats and sides not quite up to snuff.

After sampling everything on our various trays, we conferred and found our reactions to the food pretty similar; our criticisms were all about seasoning and smoke. Neither style of brisket bore much seasoning and only the faintest of smoke rings, and the fatty brisket had almost no caramelized bark.

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Little Barrel and Brown

1716 S Congress Ave Austin, TX 78704