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Iconic Chicago Pizzeria Gino's East Expands to Texas

Photo: Justin Barbin/ECHI

One of Chicago's most iconic deep dish institutions is headed for Texas, according to a hiring notice. Breastauranteur Doug Guller's ATX Brands has partnered with Gino's East to bring the chain to Austin and several other Texas cities. Gino's East is a Chicago institution with franchise plans in the works, though currently their only locations are in the general Chicago area.

The Texas locations of the restaurant are currently hiring general managers in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Woodlands. ATX Brands operates trademarked breastaurant Bikini's, as well as Austin restaurants and bars like Pelon's and Scoot Inn. The hiring notice emphasizes that Gino's East is "family friendly," so perhaps this is an effort to diversify their portfolio.

Update! Here's a few more details from Gino's East's Noah Himmel: the restaurants will feature Chicago craft beers, the restaurant's signature sausage, and Texas barbecue pizzas.
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