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Budding Detective John Mueller Tricks Barbecue Burglar

John Mueller: Critically acclaimed pitmaster, presidential caterer... and amateur detective? According to the Statesman, Mueller masterminded a sting operation of sorts to apprehend a not-so-smart thief who burglarized his barbecue trailer earlier this week.

The thief, who reportedly made off with "an iPhone, an iPad and a cash register drawer," was apparently dumb enough to respond to texts sent to the phone by Mueller and a bartender at neighboring restaurant Kellee's Place. Per the Statesman, "they sent text messages to the stolen iPhone indicating they were interested in paying top dollar for some tasty catered smoked meats." The thief ended up identifying himself by name and, rather inexplicably, sending a photo of not only his face but also his genitals. A meeting for payment was arranged and the thief was then detained by APD "less than 12 hours after the trailer had been burglarized." Moral of the story? Don't mess with John Mueller (and maybe, John Mueller is really good at fake-sexting?).

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[Photo: Meghan McCarron/EATX]

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