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Sunset Valley Chipotle Cashier Allegedly Stole Hundreds of Customers' Credit Card Information

Looks like the Austin restaurant with a credit card skimming problem was indeed a Chipotle. A cashier at a Sunset Valley outpost of the fast casual chain has been arrested for allegedly stealing the credit card information of over 500 customers with a small hand-held scanner. The Statesman reports:

Police notified a Chipotle corporate investigator who reviewed surveillance footage of the transactions. The footage showed a woman later identified as Jaimes-Ferrara swiping credit cards covertly in a small hand-held device, the affidavit said. On April 24, Round Rock police went to the restaurant dressed in plain clothes and observed Jaimes-Ferrara swipe three credit cards on a small device in a 10-minute span while she was working at the cash register, the affidavit said.
Of the 527 cards the police say they found on the scanner, only 89 victims have been identified; previously, the police did not release the name of the restaurant in order to protect the ongoing investigation.
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