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Longtime Chronicle Food Editor Virginia Wood Steps Down; Brandon Watson Takes Over

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The Austin Chronicle's food editor Virginia Wood announces a dramatic changing of the guard today: Chronicle staffer Brandon Watson will take over as editor of the food section. Wood will remain a staff writer; she has been the restaurant critic since 1993 and editor since 1997 according to her bio. Here's a bit of her sign-off in today's Food-o-File:

I'll continue to write about food for this paper as a staff writer, providing my institutional memory of the local scene as a resource and covering news in the city's first restaurant news column. . . . I'm turning over the reins of the Food section to my young colleague Brandon Watson, a reporter with an engaging writing style, a keen interest in food, and plenty of social media savvy.
Watson was previously the alt weekly's assistant news editor, and his bio describes his focus as "LGBT justice and political satire." Watson is decidedly non-anonymous; his picture accompanies his bio, and here's a shot of him judging a recent Bloody Mary competition tweeted by The Chronicle below.

Update! Eater has also received a comment from Watson:

In the short decade I've lived here, Austin has become an international culinary destination thanks to the vision of chefs, restaurateurs, bar masters, somms, food artisans, and media. I'm fortunate to succeed Virginia Wood, who championed Austin food long before the scene was making headlines. Her innovation, institutional knowledge, and wit will continue to be a large part of the Chronicle's food section. There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in Austin food. I'm thrilled at the opportunity to be a part of it.

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