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Infographic: The Story Behind Qui's Epic Menu Evolution

Qui's playful and daring menu runs the gamut from a cheddar cheese ice cream sandwich to their take on dinuguan, a Filipino blood stew. Even more daring is the restaurant's constant menu evolution. Other Austin restaurants change their menus daily, but few so many dramatic changes so fast. Now, their main dining room is entirely prix fixe, and they've rolled out an entirely new patio menu. Next comes Qui's ticketed tasting room, which will feature over twenty dishes. The restaurant is even willing to drop Rabbit 7 Ways, a dish so iconic all the employees got rabbit ink.

As a part of Qui's One Year In interview, Eater presented executive chef Paul Qui with the restaurant's soft opening menu and the first full menu he and his team created. Qui discussed the evolution and future of every dish, and designer Jenna Josepher created an annotated infographic with Qui's comments. Read on for what stayed, what left, and what will return at Austin's most dynamic restaurant.


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[Photo: Adrienne Breaux/EATX]
[Graphics: Jenna Josepher]


1600 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702