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Obama Waiting in Franklin Barbecue's Line Could Have Cost City Thousands

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President Obama at Franklin Barbecue
President Obama at Franklin Barbecue
Photo: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

Barack Obama skipped the line when he visited Franklin Barbecue yesterday, which Aaron Franklin says is a first. Some folks are having feelings, though the pro-cutting forces are winning in this poll, and Franklin gives the move a thumbs up. He tells Eater, "I can't even imagine what kind of security nightmare it would be for a president to stand in line on the side of the street."

If Obama had decided to wait three hours in a public place, it could have cost the city tens of thousands of dollars. A recent KVUE investigation reveals that Obama's last visit to Austin "cost the Austin Police Department nearly $100,000 in overtime hours and resources for less than eight hours of security." Obama's latest seventeen hour visit was already slated to cost much more, before any hypothetical three hour wait at Franklin Barbecue.
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