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Obama Cut The Franklin Barbecue Line, People Have Feelings

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Austinites displeased by Obama's previous choice of Stubb's should approve of his final stop in Austin: Franklin Barbecue. There's just one problem: the president cut the line. According to a pool report from The Statesman, Obama said, "I know this is a long line. I feel real bad, but – I'm gonna cut."

The Franklin Barbecue line regularly runs three, four, and even five hours long. Even Anthony Bourdain didn't skip the line. According to a tweet from KEYETV's Deeda Patton, owner Aaron Franklin believes the president was the first ever to cut the line. Austin's tiny corner of the internet has exploded with feelings about what Obama reportedly called "exercising his executive power."

· Obama Visits Franklin Barbecue, Buys Lunch for A Couple Patrons [Statesman]

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