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Frozen Rickshaw Profiled; Balon Mourns Bakehouse; Handmade Tortilla Thread

CAMPUS — Mochi sensation Frozen Rickshaw is back for the summer, and The Chronicle checks in with owner Apphia Mann. Mann's treats have been so popular she's been able to quit her day job, and she can spend as much as three days making her mochi. [Chronicle]

SOUTH AUSTIN — Critic-about-town Rob Balon pens an ode to the shuttering Bakehouse on Manchaca, and digs up this memory lane gem: "Longtime cofounder and current owner Carl Zapffe has been at the helm of this place for many years and he is quite a character. Who can forget the time he deep-sixed the obnoxious Gordon Ramsey because they asked his staff to sign a contract acknowledging that no member of the staff would lay a hand on Ramsey?" [Rob Balon]

TORTILLA WIRE — Chowhound is hosting a lively thread on great handmade tortillas in Austin. Read on for suggestions and debate, broken down by corn and flour options. Favorites include La Fruita Feliz. [Chowhound]