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What Are Austin's Most Iconic Meat Dishes?

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Franklin Barbecue.
Franklin Barbecue.
Photo: Raymond Thompson/EATX

Brace, Austin: a new Eater theme week is coming, and it's all about meat. Starting Monday July 7, the Five Days of Meat will celebrate everything carnivorous in the Austin food scene, from brisket to barbacoa, steak to sausages.

That's where you come in: What are Austin's most iconic meat dishes? From dinosaur-sized barbecue beef ribs to perfect tacos al pastor, the city features high achievements at every level of the Texas meat pantheon, plus truly great interpretations of everything from deli meats (Melvin's) to ramen broth (Ramen Tatsu-Ya). Leave your picks below in the comments, or hit the tipline. The results will be fodder for an epic map.
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