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Franklin Barbecue's New Cooker Arrived By Crane

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Meet Bethesda, Franklin Barbecue's new wood-fired rotisserie cooker. According to Texas Monthly, the cooker was built by pitmaster Aaron Franklin and will be used for cooking ribs. The shot above was taken by Franklin as a crane hoisted Bethesda into (her?) home in the restaurant's new smokehouse.

Franklin Barbecue is temporarily closed in order to finish work on their new smokehouse; the pilgrimage-and-line-inspiring barbecue destination will reopen Monday, July 7. Franklin previously told Eater that Bethesda the rib cooker will allow the crew to "overlap our cooks a bit, instead of having to scramble."

The Franklin Barbecue line's dedicated Twitter account also has a plywood update.

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Franklin Barbecue

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