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Robert Rodriguez Wants to Buy Jovita's for $2.5 Million

The embattled South First property formerly home to Jovita's has a potential buyer: filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. Chingon International, where Rodriguez is the major stockholder, made an offer to purchase the former performance space and restaurant for 2.5 million, according to The Statesman.

But when a restaurant shutters due to a federal bust on an alleged heroin ring, the legalities get messy. Owner Amado Pardo died of cancer before going to trial, and his widow Amanda Pardo is currently in prison. Per The Statesman:

The children and prosecutors have said they want to sell the venue and place the earnings under the jurisdiction of the court while the civil case plays out to prevent the land on South First Street from decreasing in value. . . . Any hope for a sale fizzled once more Thursday after Amanda Pardo refused to surrender her title.
Now, Chingon International is suing Pardo and her children for breach of contract.
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