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Longbranch Inn Tweets Racial Slur, Sort of Apologizes

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Popular East Side dive bar Longbranch Inn exercised some rather poor judgment in how it chose to celebrate the World Cup this weekend: On Friday afternoon during the Mexico v. Cameroon match, the bar tweeted — "about the time Mexico's soccer team had a goal disallowed," the Statesman points out"We are all wetbacks."

Later that day the bar attempted to clarify its position and explain that it meant to use the slur in a supportive, rather than derogatory manner, but its Twitter followers weren't having it.


But hey don't worry, they didn't mean it like that:


As revealed by screenshots posted on Storify, when one Twitter user pointed out that using the term "wetback" is basically the "equivalent of calling African Americans the n-word," Longbranch Inn replied, "no it isn't you nitwit." Eek.

Finally, a day and a half after the original offending tweet, the bar issued an apology of sorts to its followers:


All of the offending tweets have since been deleted, although Longbranch also rather inexplicably retweeted a Twitter user who called for a boycott, which remains visible on their Twitter account:

The folks behind fellow East Side bar Schoolhouse Pub, who also own taco legend Mi Madre's, were understandably rather puzzled by Longbranch's offensive tweet, asking, "who is doing your twitter?":

On Sunday, the Longbranch Inn's owner, Jim Stockbauer, reportedly told the Statesman that the Twitter account in question "does not belong to the bar and is run by a 'disgrunted' brother of one of the bar's bartenders." According to the Statesman, "The brother, who Stockbauer said lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., started the account 'on his own accord.'" As the Statesman further points out, the Twitter account has been active for over four years and has in excess of 1,200 followers — making that scenario seem pretty far-fetched?

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Longbranch Inn [Closed]

1133 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78702

Longbranch Inn

1133 E. 11th St Austin, TX 78702

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