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La Barbecue Nabs Top Spot in Another Barbecue Top 10

La Barbecue.
La Barbecue.
Photo: Meghan McCarron/EATX

Austin has no shortage of bloggers covering its ever-expanding barbecue scene, none more thorough than former Statesman critic Mike Sutter. On his site Fed Man Walking, he runs an obsessively detailed BBQ City Limits series, which reviews 52 different Austin barbecue outposts and ranks everything from beef ribs to sides to sauces. It's kind of insane. His top ten Austin barbecue list is one of the city's most carefully considered, and this year he puts La Barbecue at number one.

Even more interestingly, Franklin Barbecue drops down from number two to number five, in favor of Freedmen's, Brown's, and Stiles Switch, which feature much less, as Sutter puts it, "bulls**t." With similar reasoning to Matthew Odam's recent top ten, Franklin's drop does appear to come down to the logistical bullshit, rather than the food. Sutter says, "I wouldn't recommend to anybody standing in a food line for five hours unless it involved disaster relief." Here's the freshly updated full top 10.
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La Barbecue

6th and Waller Austin TX 78702