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Aaron Franklin and Daniel Vaughn on The Future of Barbecue; Taco Wars, Kind Of; Summer of Rum

ZOMG BBQ — Watch Aaron Franklin and barbecue editor Daniel Vaughn talk the future of barbecue for PBS. Both self-professed barbecue nerds agree the future is the past -- simple cooking methods and traditional menu items. Aaron Franklin also notes that barbecue trailers and restaurants make no profit on those big, Instagrammy beef ribs. [PBS]

ZOMG TACOS — Real estate blog Estately recently published a listicle ranking the most "taco crazed" cities in the US. Austin came in #3 based on their metrics of checking Yelp and Facebook (science!). The San Antonio Current published an incendiary piece decrying Austin's number three ranking compared to San Antonio at number 5 on a list made by a real estate website who checked Yelp and Facebook. Now CultureMap has weighed in to defend Austin's taco honor, because the Internet is an ouroboros which will consume us all. [CultureMap]

ZOMG RUMPleasant Storage Room gets some attention from The Statesman, specifically their rum-focused drinks program. Bar manager Alfonso Hernandez seeks to highlight "cocktails that were once popular, but have since disappeared." [Statesman]

Franklin Barbecue

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The Pleasant Storage Room

208 W 4th St Ste D, Austin, TX 78701 512-322-9921