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Whip In Celebrates 28 Years in Business; St. Philip Sneak Peek Contest; Citywide 86'd Recap

SOUTH — Wish a happy birthday to Whip In, which is celebrating 28 years in business today. The Indian restaurant and brewpub has come a long way from its convenience store roots [Whip In/Facebook]

SUMMER TRACKING — The Uchi team's new restaurant St. Philip is offering chances to try the the restaurant before it opens in exchange for some social media love. They're distributing temporary St. Philip tattoos and invite fans to Instagram or whatver the kids do these days. [St. Philip/Facebook]

CITYWIDE 86'D WIRE — The final preliminary round of culinary competition Citywide 86'd went down this weekend, and Murphy Parks of Searsucker emerged triumphant. The Chronicle recaps the competition and its crazy corn-focused surprise ingredients (Corn Pops, corn nuts, corn smut). [Chronicle]

Whip In Convenience Store & Pub

1950 South I H 35, Austin, TX 78745