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JW Marriott to Feature Italian & Texan Restaurants

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Photo: JW Marriott/Official

Downtown's new massive, high-end hotel the JW Marriott will add several new restaurants to the booming Congress Avenue strip. The hotel's website confirms a full-service "regional" Italian restaurant and "a specialty restaurant featuring local, Texas cuisine" amongst its amenities. A recent article in The Statesman has more details:

Osteria Pronto, a restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine, will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, while another, more casual restaurant that has yet to be named will serve lunch and dinner, with a focus on Texas-centric foods, wines and beers. A burger bar and Starbucks coffeeshop will face Congress Avenue, and bars are planned for both the lobby and the pool area.
The JW Marriott, originally slated to open March 1, 2015, has moved up its opening date to February 22, 2015. A rep for the hotel says more dining details will be released soon.
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