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Black's Barbecue Austin Expansion Includes a Food Truck

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Black's Barbecue Austin.
Black's Barbecue Austin.
Photo: Black's Barbecue Truck/Twitter

Signage is up at the new Black's Barbecue Austin outpost, and looks like a food truck is in the works, too. The Black's BBQ Truck twitter account trumpets the truck's imminent arrival, and there's a website, too. Eater has reached out to Black's about the truck; one tweet suggests taking their barbecue to the Zilker Park Botanical Garden, so perhaps it will be near Zilker Park?

Kent Black previously told Eater Black's will be transporting their meat up from Lockhart for their Austin restaurant, and it seems likely the truck will run similarly. The Twitter account says the truck is coming this summer. Another branch of the Black family, who split off from the Lockhart Black's, will open Terry Black's Barbecue this summer as well on Barton Springs.
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[H/t to Food Trailers ATX]