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Good Life Confirms Trailers; Jorge Hernandez on The Future of Food; Buzzmill's Crawfish Boil

EAST CESAR CHAVEZ — New food park GoodLife has confirmed some of its opening trucks. The list so far includes Korean Komfort, Full House BBQ, Southside Flying Pizza, and the ubiquitous Hey! Cupcake. [Eaterwire]

QUI NOTES — Jorge Hernandez of Qui is amongst the chefs de cuisine who weigh in on the future of food at First We Feast. He argues that the future of food "is not an ingredient or a style of cuisine, but a concept: Collaboration is the future of food." [First We Feast]

EAST RIVERSIDEThe BuzzMill is hosting another crawfish boil this Saturday, May 31 since the first event was so successful. Expect beer, boudin, and lots of mud bugs. [Eaterwire]

Good Life Food Park

900 E. Cesar Chavez Austin, TX 78702