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Your Mom's Owners on Leaving The Restaurant Industry

Photo: Your Mom's/Facebook

Earlier today, news broke that Your Mom's Burger Bar would shutter their last remaining restaurant in Austin after several years of fairly swift growth. Owners Ryan and Gina Blackmore have released an open letter to the Austinot to say goodbye. Turns out having a restaurant is hell on family life. On their start:

We started Your Mom's on a dime and a dream. It all started (in true Austin fashion) when we pawned music equipment to afford rent and inventory to start out in a small kitchen above Headhunter's. Later we sold all of our belongings and downsized by moving our 3 kids (we have 4 kids now!) and two dogs (RIP!) to Pecan Grove in our RV to be able to afford upgrading to our location in East Austin and later moved to our location at Airport Blvd. We've sacrificed a lot. A lot of time away from our kids, money, etc. But it was worth it. We enjoyed the experience and meeting all of you!
Previous reports indicated the couple kept the trademark to the business, but the letter indicates they're leaving the industry for good.
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Your Mom's Burger Bar

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Your Mom's Burger Bar

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